artist : Bence Bakonyi

Bence Bakonyi


Budapest, Hungary

about the artist

Educated in Photography at Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest, Hungarian photographer Bence Bakonyi has been exhibited across Europe and beyond since 2009. In 2013, Bakonyi has solely exhibited at Pantocrator Gallery and Xuhui Art Museum in Shanghai, China. Other select group shows include: ART MARKET, Brody Studios, Budpest, Hungary 2013, PHOTO OFF art fair, Tryffelgrisen Galleri, Paris, France 2013, HOMO LUDENS XVII BIENNALE, Hungarian National Museum, Esztergom, Hungary2013, FID design festival, Costa Rica 2013, Athens ART /Video/ FESTIVAL, Athen, Greece 2013, and FORETASTE - group exhibition, Hungarian Cultural Center, Prague, Czech Republic, 2011. Bence has also directed in numbers of editorial and advertising campaigns, such as LIFE magazine, Hong Kong/ Shanghai, MANOOI design lamps, Hungary and LINKS Hotel, Shanghai

Bakonyi seeks freedom, airiness and transubstantiation through his lens and unique pictoriality that intertwined with Body and mind. By mingling bodies with the background, Bakonyi creates a generous capacity to separate two unique elements while providing viewers a comfortable confusion between where the landscape ends and the portrait begins. Bakonyi’s photography practice connects reality and fantasy, and direct our thoughts toward the more universal and dignified questions of human existence.

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