artist : Bennata So Sze Ling

Bennata So Sze Ling


Hong Kong

about the artist

So Sze Ling, Bennata, Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Culture Association, graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Arts and has been learning Chinese Lingnan painting with Tam Sing Chuk, who was a student of the Lingnan master Zhao Shao’ang. She attended the Tam Sing Chuk Teacher and Student Painting Exhibition and HK Artist Celebrating The 67 Anniversary Of The PRC in 2018, the Hong Kong Artist Invitational Exhibition held by HK Artists Association, Ink Asia and Shui Mu Tsing Hua Joint Exhibition in 2019.

By blending the contemporary inspirations into traditional Chinese ink techniques, she takes her learnings to create her own style. She applies layers by layers of bold western colour to depict the heaviness, solidity and the raw texture of the mountains, to reflect and making contrast with the light, tender and capricious clouds and water by leaves out certain spaces in blank. The well-balanced structure represents her proactive life-attitude thus illustrating her diverse and rich temperament. Her landscape is inspired by Chinese Philosophy Dao, which leads the audience immerse into the boundless contemplations (intangible artistic conceptions, freedom, imagination) within limited boundaries ( tangible reality, visual constraints, confined space of the art piece ) and, striving to find the beauty of balance which leads viewers to find hope and brightness, feeling at ease in a confined city.