artist : Cheung Yick Kan

Cheung Yick Kan


Hong Kong

about the artist

Born in Hong Kong in 1995. Yick Kan received his Higher Diploma in Fine Art at Hong Kong Art School in 2015, as well as studying Bachelor of Fine Arts (Major in Photography) at RMIT University. A photographic artist based in Hong Kong, Yick Kan’s work often explore issues concerning the urban environment in Hong Kong. His thematic interest lies particularly in his relationship with his home town – To Kwa Wan, an area in the Kowloon peninsula of Hong Kong.

No Place Like Home series is an ongoing project that explores the passage of time in To Kwa Wan, witnessed through different windows and different perspectives. Kan’s stylistic rendering of the To Kwa Wan urban space is achieved through inversion of colours, and enhancing the contrast between the exterior space and interior space. The colour scheme and stark contrast create a focal point in the windows, pointing to evidence in Kan’s stories. The reality presented through the windows may be completely different from the reality that we thought we knew. Darkness and obscurities in the photos resonate with the uncertain future in store for To Kwa Wan.

“A Utopia is stepping into an unknown future because of the urban renewal plan. Yet, no matter what To Kwa Wan will become, it will always be the place where my heart will stay.”