artist : Leung Yee Ting

Leung Yee Ting


Hong Kong

about the artist

Eve Leung Yee Ting graduated from the Chinese University, Hong Kong with a Bachelors of Arts in 2010 and a Master of Fine Arts in 2012.  Leung’s works have been finalists in the Asia Contemporary Art Show – Hong Kong Young Artist and the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Award in 2012. Leung has also received critical recognition from the Hong Kong Chinese Meticulous Painting Association Creative Award and Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Painting Award. Her work is in the collection of the Hong Kong Art Museum as well as several private collections.

Leung has great respect for the poetic license of Chinese gong bi and hopes that her practice can fulfill the unanswerable questions of life, capturing fleeting elements that resist physical grasp such as the flow of water, the escapism of dreams and the remnants of memory – with ink on paper she has visions of eternal harmony. She lives and works in Hong Kong and currently holds a role at a local museum.