artist : Polly Chan Kong Yi

Polly Chan Kong Yi


Hong Kong

about the artist

Chan Kong Yi, Polly was born and currently lives in Hong Kong. She graduated from RMIT University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art). She now works as a full-time producer and photographer.

Chan is interested in making artworks by creative and non-traditional methodology. In her works, she attempts to explore the potential of new media. She believes photographs are not only showing in the aesthetics and conventional frames but also reaching a bold step to more than contemporary can be.

Polly’s inspiration comes from non-traditional photograph, overlapping images and some 3D films. She is interested in creating works that invite the participation of the audience. By engaging viewers as much as possible, she hopes that their level of involvement with her ideas increases, mirroring her own involvement in these subjects.

 “My work aims to fascinate audiences, urging them to stochastically pick their “visions” (their own choices) from my “visions” (illusions created with overlapping colour).”