artist : Veronica Lam

Veronica Lam


Hong Kong

about the artist

Veronica Lam graduated with a degree in Statistics from University of Reading, U.K., but has always been passionate about Photography. Veronica’s photographs have always been diverse in her choice of medium but she has often taken landscape imagery as a foundation from which she embarked on creating colorful compositions portraying whimsical dreams or mystical, dark atmospheres. With a critical eye for lighting and contextual surroundings, her creative inspiration derives from spirited memories of travels and in foreign cultures. In her work, she builds interesting stories by incorporating meaningful subjects, capturing the fleeting ‘moments in time’. Images of crashing waves, falling waterfalls, luscious greens are subject matters close to her oeuvre. Veronica has also been drawn to human postures along with the beauty and composition of human lines through yogic practice.