events calendar : Summer Art Fever 2



July 28, 2016 from 10:30 AM to 18:15 PM

Summer Art Fever 2

Artify Gallery Presents Five Creative Art Workshops in Summer Art Fever 2

In collaboration with Jessie Siu from MBA Art Workshop

This summer, Artify Gallery invites children, parents and art-loving students to show off their creative side in five interactive art workshops. Due to popular demand, Summer Art Fever returns to Artify Gallery for its second edition, this time in collaboration with talented local artist Jessie Siu from MBA Art Workshop. This programme will run from 28th July – 27th August 2016. Alongside the workshops, Jessie Siu will also exhibit her latest works depicting ocean waves and flowers. Using thick impasto and special backlit spot lights, these artworks will come to life for the audience to behold.

Each week will run with a different theme, allowing for participates to experience and learn different art movements, styles and techniques. From the action painting practices of Jackson Pollock, the Post-Impressionist style of Vincent Van Gogh, and the Pop Art creations of Andy Warhol, to learning how to uniquely create paintings about outer space and painting with marbling effects, each workshop offers something for everyone. Students are welcome to sign up for more than one class.

This summer programme aims to reach out to potential students to learn new artistic techniques from each fun, engaging workshop. At the end of the session, participants may take home their canvases to show off their creative skills to their family and friends. Artist Jessie Siu believes that everyone can be an artist, regardless of their creative backgrounds. With experience working with clients such as Marks & Spencer, Zadig & Voltaire and The Grand Cinema, Jessie aims to bring art and people together. Each workshop with Jessie will ignite students’ passion for the arts and bring forth their creative potential.

Summer Art Fever 2 Programme details:
Every Thursday to Saturday during 28th July – 27th August (5 weeks)

Week 1 – Jackson Pollock Drip Painting Workshop

Dates: 28th - 30th July
Time: Session A (11am-1pm) / Session B (4-6pm)

Fee: $680 per person per session

Week 2 – Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night Workshop

Dates: 4th – 6th August
Time: 3-6pm
Fee: $580 per person session

Week 3 – Acrylic Marbling Workshop

Dates: 11th – 13th August

Time: Session A (11am-12:30pm) / Session B (4-5:30pm)

Fee: $680 per person per session

Week 4 – Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey Workshop

Dates: 18th – 20th August
Time: 3-5:30pm
Fee: $580 per person per session

Week 5 – Andy Warhol Painting Workshop

Dates: 25th – 27th August
Time: 3-6pm
Fee: $780 per person per session

* Group sizes: Maximum of 10 people per session
* Age limit: Above 3 years old. Children 10 years old or younger need to attend with a parent or guardian.

Private Classes are available every Monday-Wednesday from 25th July – 24th August. Please contact the gallery for details.

To enrol, please email or call 3543 1260