events calendar : Alazizi presents Layer by Layer - Pasha Wais



November 26, 2014 from 18:00 PM to December 03, 2014 19:00 PM

Alazizi presents Layer by Layer - Pasha Wais


The concept of Wais’ first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, namely Layer by Layer, is related to how everything becomes tighter and more serious in the world nowadays.
Step by step, humans become cleverer and more innovative. They have invented a lotof things for living. However, as Wais sees, many items entertaining us are actually, at the same time, destroying us.


In response to the issue, Wais decided to express his feelings about the time. He has chosen Chinese symbols to elaborate in the show because he thinks Chinese history of writing is so deep and through it he can explain his feelings better. Even he does not know much about the language, for him, all the time everything is about real energy which comes from inside of something or someone.


Biography of Pasha Wais:
A zealous traveler, Wais has always been keen to meet artists from various disciplines during his travels, which sources his inspiration. One may be surprised to know that this famed graffiti artist considers historical artists particularly influential to his works, impressed as he is by their craft in creating extraordinary artworks without the aid of modern technology. Wais is known for being artistically adventurous with bold experimentations and innovative creations. His signature designs comprise three-dimensional writings and geometric graphics, while his works are distinctively styled with complex compositions and color arrangements.


Cocktail Party will be started from 6 to 8pm on 26th November 2014.


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