November 2016

Limitless Art Fantasy



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about the exhibition


Artify Gallery presents: Hong Kongs First 3D Printing Exhibition – Limitless Art Fantasy         

 3D design group ZeroHundred, Renowned designers Steven Ma and Cyrus Mok

 Embodies the power of design and science fantasy

Print-Rite exhibits the magic of 3D printing

Artify Gallery, a local art gallery dedicated to the art of contemporary print, photography and paper works. Limitless Art Fantasy is the first 3D printing exhibition in Hong Kong that embodies the power of art and technology and displays the delicacy of 3D printing technology of CoLiDo® (under Print-Rite). The exhibition features 3D design group ZeroHundred, internationally renowned designers Steven Ma and Cyrus Mok. A series of creative 3D printing artwork will be displayed and the audience will be able to enjoy the boundless experience with the latest 3D printing technology.  The exhibition will run from 11 November to 8 December 2016

ZeroHundred, initiated by artists Andrew and Bufee, created the unique “Cold” and “Hot” World using 3D printing technology. The name ZeroHundred comes from 0 and 100. “0” stands for the freezing point; the frozen surface that is never illuminated by sunlight. “100” stands for the boiling point, another surface always facing the sun. 0 and 100 are therefore the code of this planet. In the exhibition, ZeroHundred will share with the audience the core design concept of the two worlds, including machines settings, characters, buildings, weapons and transportations designs. The space motorbike with 1:1 size will also be displayed. Come and enjoy the whole new outer space experience.

Internationally renowned designer Steven Ma designed a 3D Art Wall (4m X 2m) with his limitless power of imagination using 3D printing technology. The vivid wave patterns on the Art Wall are illuminated by LED lighting effects. Moreover, contemporary 12 Chinese Zodiac desk lamp decorations and 3D pixelated portraiture will also be shown in the exhibition. 

The concept of “Horse”, designed by Cyrus Mok, is a combination of paper folding art and the horse race memories of Hong Kongers since the British Hong Kong era. Cyrus realizes the shapes of, and injects energy to, galloping horses in order to bring the horses to life. 


Details of Limitless Art Fantasy:

Date : 11 November to 8 December, 2016

Venue:Room 7, 10/F, Ming Pao Industrial Centre Block A, 18 Ka Yip St., Chai Wan

Opening hours:

-       Tuesday to Friday: 10 am–7 pm

-       Saturday 11 am–7 pm

-       Closed on Sunday, Monday and Public Holidays

Tel: +852 3543 1260




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